Your Best Options for Daily, Monthly or Weekly Car Rentals in the Hollywood, Florida Area

People who live, work or travel in the Hollywood, Florida area know that it is a hopping place due to the high number of vacationers that come to enjoy the beaches of Ft. Lauderdale, the amazing shopping and excitement of Miami, the beauty of Boca Raton, and so much more.

It is why a 33021 airport car rental search is quite common. Yet, not everyone who seeks a rental is a traveler or vacationer. That is why the better rental agencies make weekly car rentals available, and even monthly rental options.

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Look for Options Close to a 33021 Airport Car Rental

While it is tempting to consider a car rental at an airport in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami because it might seem that airport cars rental services offer more variety and even lower pricing, the simple truth is that they are usually double the price. This has to do with issues like higher taxes, convenience for travelers, and high turnover. Why should those who need weekly car rentals, or longer, pay the convenience fees that some 33021 airport car rental services might charge?

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The good news is that you don’t have to when you scout out the weekly car rentals options in the areas around and close to the airports. These are services that are bound to have far more competitive pricing and may even have vehicles more suited to your needs. For instance, let’s say you are scouting around among the different 33021 airport car rental options and you require a van or a larger SUV. Chances are, the weekly car rentals at the airports will have incredibly high weekly, daily or even hourly rates plus the inconvenience of driving into an airport.

However, the 33021 airport car rental services outside of official airport premises are much easier to get to and sure to have a wider array of larger vehicles available at much lower pricing. And when you think that the major names in car and truck rentals are mostly conglomerates (for example, there might be four or five different rental desks at an airport, but they might all belong to the same company), and that they can ask whatever they want at each desk, it pays to look at weekly car rentals from the “other players”.

Comparison Shop

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As one travel expert said, there are always “viable and attractive options for travelers…willing to do a little research and poking around”. And this advice goes for the locals in need of a 33021 airport car rental or van rental. When that expert advised poking around, they meant looking beyond the big names or even the secondary names. They meant looking at the locally-based options for weekly car rentals, and especially if they happen to specialize in a specific brand of vehicle. This would ensure that pricing is as low as possible, vehicle choice as wide as possible, and car upkeep and maintenance at optimal levels.

After all, heading to an airport rental desk often means that the vehicle you are about to hop into after all of your travels may not have been serviced, or if it was it might be a general look and not something done by an expert in that make or model.

Are we talking about off-airport lots? Yes, and though a lot of people frown at having to get themselves to these nearby lots, the level of savings and overall quality of the vehicles cannot be ignored.

The team at 441 Auto Rental offers premium vehicles for rent in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Boca Raton. They have daily, weekly and even longer rentals at some of the most competitive rates and provide you with a fleet of premium Toyota cars, vans and SUVs.