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5 Things to Know When You Need Hollywood Van Rentals

Are you about to set out on a trip with a small group? Whether that group is family, friends, colleagues or any other sort of group, you have to put some thought into your ground transportation.

There are many reasons for working with a company that provides car rental at the airport, but we would encourage you to consider alternatives to airport cars and rental services. For instance, if you are landing in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood van rentals make sense, but is it best to book right at the airport? We offer some important details to consider in order to save time and improve your experience.

#1 Pricing is Not the Pricing

So, you’ve considered the airport, as well as Hollywood van rentals and you, think that the airport’s per day rate is best or more convenient. Yet, you need to understand that the “rate” is not always the actual rate when it is at the airport.

Very few advertise the long list of fees and other additions that boost the bill substantially. For instance, concession recovery fees, airport access fees, tourism fees, and business license taxes will all be piled atop sales tax and applied to the rate.

When you go with a smaller, local Hollywood van rentals service, the rate is the rate (plus tax, of course).

#2 Convenience is Not Always Convenient

If you have never rented a vehicle while at the airport, you may not realize that you have to find the rental desk or shuttles to the rental agencies. Make your way to the boarding area, take the ride to the rental lot and do the deal. It often means a long line because flights arrive at once, and it rarely takes minutes. In fact, it takes at least half of an hour or more. You pay for the “convenience” of the airport-based service.

Yet, if you work with smaller, local firms offering Hollywood van rentals, you would need only get to the rental lot (often via a free shuttle or an easy to catch a taxi). You may or may not have to pay for the trip, and then you just step inside and do the deal. There is rarely a flood of others and you can be outside of the airport and on your way much faster and much easier, and all without the added fees.

#3 Off-Airport Means Off-Airport

Whether you are tired from the journey or excited about it, you probably don’t want to deal with navigating into or out of the airport. When you elect Hollywood van rentals for your group, you don’t have to worry about it because your vehicle is off-airport premises and outside of the worst of the traffic!

#4 Vans Are More Than Vans

Working with an experienced provider of Hollywood van rentals means that you get a lot more than a basic form of transportation for a group. You often get a vehicle with comfortable seats, entertainment options, climate controls and a lot of room for everyone inside. Why crowd into a sedan or a minivan when you can opt for vans or SUVs with the bells and whistles?

#5 When Expense is Not Expensive

Opting for a van means one vehicle. That means you save time and effort that would be wasted if your group rented more than one vehicle at the airport. You also save on gas since you are using a single tank of it rather than several vehicles all burning up fuel.

There are many other benefits to choosing van rentals in the Hollywood, FL area, and you can learn all about them when you book your rental through 441 Auto Rental.  Specializing in Toyota vehicles of all kinds, they will have just what your group needs for a great trip.