Why Pay High Prices for a Car Rental at the Airport?

Travel, whether for business or pleasure, should not be an overpriced hassle. Unfortunately, if you ask most travelers, you will find that they are shocked at the prices they pay for such things as accommodations, entertainment, food and even a car rental at the airport.

While it is entirely understandable why accommodations, food, and entertainment can be expensive, inflated prices on airport cars rental are not so easy to understand. In all honesty, what you are paying for with any car rental at an airport is the convenience. Just think about it – you arrive at a large airport, and you can take a shuttle or short walk to the car rental desk. You are driven or transferred to the lot and you are on your way!

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No wonder airport cars rental desks can ask premium pricing but think about the use of a car rental in an airport region but not at the airport itself. Almost identical levels of convenience apply. For example, you land and make your way to the main concourse. Instead of heading to the rental desk, you phone the service of offering airport cars rental nearby. They pick you up and bring you to the car.

There’s almost no difference and yet many people overlook the tremendous savings of a car rental in the airport’s neighborhood.

Off-Airport Cars Rental Have a Lot More to Offer

Of course, the high price for a car rental at an airport may be due to other factors such as higher taxes, more modern or even fancier vehicles and the ease of returning the car as you depart.

What we would say to all of that though, is that it pays to do a lot of side by side comparisons because, as travel experts will say over and over again, there are tremendous savings to be enjoyed when you opt for the off-airport cars rental.

For example, one expert compared three different options in a single urban area and found that the car rental at the airport was typical twice the cost of the off-airport cars rental services, and this was true whether the car rental service asked for a fee to pick up and drop-off.

Factors to Consider

Naturally, you don’t want to have to calculate such things as overly-long and pricey taxi or private hire rides to and from the airport into the total cost. That means choosing a rental company that is not on the airport’s grounds but reasonably close by. You will find that there are often many providers to choose from. We urge you to consider working with a provider that specializes in a specific make or model, such as all Toyotas or another type of vehicle.

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Why? It means that they are likely to offer newer and better-maintained vehicles because they are typically fast cars. Additionally, you are going to be able to find an array of vehicle types. Again, let’s say that the car rental company specialized in Toyota vehicles. They will have smaller, compact cars, sedans, SUVs and even vans or trucks.

Online booking is also a really important element. The car rental service that doesn’t allow you to reserve the vehicle of your choice on the date (and at the time) you need it is unlikely to be the best for your needs. After all, you might need your rental for a few hours, a few days, weeks or even a month!

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