The Toyota Tundra truck means business!

  • Class: Truck Extended Cab Prerunner
  • Seating: 4 Adults
  • Gas Mileage: 21 City / 25 Highway
  • Complimentary 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

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Toyota Tundra

Some swear by the practicality of the 8-man carrier Toyota Sienna or the stylish sedan, the Toyota Camry. But, there is a portion of the market that demands both of those combined with power. Which is exactly where the Toyota Tundra comes in. Although it can't quite carry as many people as the Sienna can, and it probably can't be compared with the Camry in terms of style.

But, it has it's own tricks to justify itself as well. There must be a reason behind it in order for it to be a phenomenon, ranking 5th in the market for the best full-size pickup truck segment, also the only foreign import to be on the list. Well, it is not a complicated thing to drive to boot, as it's designed to appeal to the masses, and the last thing the crowd wants is incomprehensible controls.

One of the main selling points of the Toyota Tundra has got to be its towing capabilities. It's powered by some of Toyota's biggest engine and even proven in the news, as a V8 powered Tundra actually pulled a space shuttle across the streets. It makes an excellent amount of torque, which is something that you'll want if you tow anything often.

Also, it feels rugged and down to earth. It feels simple and connected. Unlike the smooth, carefully tuned ride of the Camry sedan, it's designed to be this way. If you like a truck to ride like a truck instead of a luxury sedan, look no further. Toyota, instead of focusing its resources on creating a smooth truck, decided to leave that and implement more amenities.

Despite so, it still handles great. It's built to excel on the road and off the road, it's a go-anywhere vehicle. Great acceleration from the powerful engine options helps as well, with the car being able to hold its own in big cities and winding back roads. It inspires confidence amongst drivers, which is a feat on its own for a big full-sized pickup truck.

However, it's actually not as well-proven as the other offerings available, which is probably why it isn't as popular as it should be. It's a bit of a quirk, really, Asian cars just can't be perceived as big, bulky pickup trucks. But it's a very well built machine as the Toyota branding suggests. For example, Toyota knew how important braking capabilities are in big cars like this. Thus it scored better than average in all of the braking tests it was subjected to. If you want a good full-sized pickup truck that won't fail on you, look no further.