Why You May Want to Rent a Minivan When Traveling in Florida

Whether you have an upcoming family vacation or group getaway booked for the Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton or Miami area, it is likely that you have a lot of visions of how that trip will play out.

For example, you might see yourself in a somewhat luxurious vehicle, and yet it may make a lot more sense to rent a minivan when booking a car rental at the airport. In fact, you may want to revise that advice and skip airport cars rental desks or services and rent a minivan from a group near the airport.

Why? There are a few benefits that come to those who opt to do a van rent over anything else.

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The Benefits for Those Who Opt to Rent a Minivan in Florida

If you are traveling with more than two people, there is a huge amount of sense in opting to do a van rent. Why? Here are just a few benefits:

  • You can rent a minivan that can fit a large group, sometimes up to seven to nine passengers, which can make for a lot more fun than a caravan of cheaper vehicles that keeps everyone separate
  • It can be a lot less expensive. While the daily or weekly van rent prices seem higher than that of a vehicle, when you are driving multiple, cheap rentals, it will often amount to much more. Also, when you rent a minivan, there is one gas tank that needs to be replenished and not two or more!
  • There is a lot more space, and while it may be possible to travel comfortably in a sedan, think of how much nicer a trip will be when everyone has “elbow room”. Kids can spread out and not get on one another’s nerves so easily, and adults won’t get overheated
  • These vehicles are actually designed with families and/or groups in mind. When you opt for a van rent, it typically means that the vehicle is designed with comfort, fun, and relaxation as much as convenience. There will be entertainment features, individual climate controls, roomier seats and more. Not only will this make travel a bit more fun, but if it is a working visit, the decision to rent a minivan could mean a lot more productivity.
  • Less stress is also the end result for those who opt for the van rent over one or more sedans or other vehicles. Everyone, including the driver, has a lot less to worry about, is far more comfortable and can enjoy the company of the entire group!

Can you rent a minivan in Florida from a traditional vehicle rental company? Yes, and the good news is that some of the best locally based providers make a van rent available, too. Rather than struggling with the traffic of an airport, you can instead get a shuttle to the rental company’s lot outside of the airport and commute easily to your destination. You might even find that your entire group can be picked up at an airport or other location and brought right to the rental van!

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While your vision of the ultimate Florida road trip might involve a convertible, a sportier sedan or another type of vehicle, the use of a minivan or larger van makes a lot more sense. Not only can you get loads of room and a lot of premium features, but you get the other benefits itemized above.

The team at 441 Auto Rental in Hollywood, FL provides travelers and locals with premium Toyota vehicles. Whether you want a stylish minivan for a girls’ getaway or a larger van for a business trip, you’ll find daily, weekly and even longer rentals at some of the most competitive rates.