Rent a Toyota 4Runner and let the adventure begin!


Bred for Adventure

  • Class: Compact 4 Door
  • Seating: 5 Adults
  • Bag Space: 4 large, two small
  • Includes: Navigation, leather seats, Sunroof
  • Gas Mileage: 21 City / 25 Highway
  • Complimentary 24 Hour Roadside Assistance


When someone looks for a robust SUV, they tend to not look for a Japanese, as it's a common misconception that the Japanese don't make terrific big cars. They are, however, famous for making small cars and making small cars even lower. But they are actually also now taking the big cars segment by storm, especially with the Toyota 4Runner.

Little would you know that it's actually a very well established series of mid-sized SUV, in fact, 21 years worth of establishment? If you're looking for a good utilitarian vehicle that will show up to whatever you want to throw at it, look no further than this, a well-proven line of successful SUV after another.

The masses mainly use an SUV to haul both cargo and people, at the same time. Thus, Toyota has put in a beefy engine in order to support the car's main purpose, namely, a 4.0 liter 270 horsepower V6, and more importantly, the ability for it to tow up to 4,700 pounds, or 2,130 kilogram, which is more than ample, as it still has the ability to hit 100 km/h from a standstill at about 7.2 seconds.

Other than being able to haul a lot of cargo, it can house 5 to 7 passengers in serene comfort. Courtesy to the impressive audio system, known as the Entune Audio system, in other words, it's an impressive infotainment system that enables a lot of connectivity while being able to provide unparalleled audio quality from its JPL speakers.

Being able to carry almost definitely your entire family around the country means that safety is a concern as well, which is no problem for the 4Runner. It has a safety system known as the Star safety system, which is standard on all models. It features common technologies like ABS, brake assist, smart stop technology, airbags, smart stop, and many more.

Even after all that, drivers of the 4Runner report a pleasant driving experience. It's very respectable in rough terrains such as snow, mountainous routes, gravel, etc. Performance on snow roads is very decent and quite competitive amongst its rivals. Overall, drivers are satisfied with its on-road performance, which is where it'll be mainly used for.

Thus, it's not difficult to see the formula that Toyota has put into the 4Runner, a good size, a lot of towing potential, ability to seat a lot of passengers while being able to drive well even lugging around a lot of weight, while being very reliable, again, Toyota. So, if you're on the lookout for a good SUV that can hold its own against its rivals, look no further.