Save Big on North Miami Beach Airport Car Rentals

Did you know that most travel experts advise against settling for a car rental at the airport? They don’t say that you should never use airport cars rental services, but what they do advise is that you do a lot of comparison shopping before booking a rental – even if it is touted as a bargain rolled into airfare and accommodations – because the airport rental desks are often guilty of premium pricing. It is why you will want to explore all of your options for North Miami Beach airport car rentals when arriving in Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Understanding the Cost of Convenience

It goes without saying that North Miami Beach airport car rentals picked up at the airport have the definite feeling of being convenient. You exit the plane, enter the terminal and navigate to the rental desk where you do the paperwork and are transported in some way or another to your rental car. Sometimes it is a ride on a shuttle, monorail or other forms of transport, and sometimes the cars are just a short distance from the rental desk itself.

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

These types of North Miami Beach airport car rentals boast of convenience but getting to them is really no more convenient than opting for a local rental provider. For example, North Miami Beach airport car rentals might be in areas like Hollywood and Ft. Lauderdale and come at a fraction of the cost of those directly at the airports. They may offer shuttle services or fee-based transportation, and yet the rental prices are likely to be half of what you pay at an airport location. Even adding any transportation fees (such as a shuttle or taxi) will not tip the scales toward the big chains.

On top of that, when you go for the rentals at the airport, you may be tricked by brand names. For example, if you think of the ten most famous brands in national rental chains, chances are most of them are under the general ownership of just one or two major conglomerates. One might put forward a reputation of low cost while another might have another selling point, but you may be upset to learn they are all the same company.

When you opt for the North Miami Beach airport car rentals owned by local groups, you can be sure that your pricing is accurate, fair and based on quality. And in addition to supporting a local business, your use of such rental services also means you are likely to get better options.

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After all, when you work with locally-owned, off-airport rental providers you get vehicles that are not used as heavily as a national rental firm’s vehicles are apt to be. You will find that you have all of the same choices (compact, sedan, luxury, vans, and SUVs, among others), too. And because North Miami Beach airport car rentals that are locally owned might specialize in a specific brand or make, you will be able to know that the vehicles are maintained to the highest standards. After all, is there anything worse than driving a rental car that has a mechanical problem, is not well maintained or even breaks down?

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