Plantation Airport Car Rentals for Florida Travelers

Are you wondering about the airport cars rental options near the Ft. Lauderdale Airport? It is a good idea to give this issue a lot of thought. After all, it is an incredibly busy spot and popular with tourists and business travelers as well as being used by people who live in this part of the state.

There is a big call for car rental at the airport, and yet many people would be wiser to look at options for Hollywood or Plantation airport car rentals.

West of Fort Lauderdale and North of Miami, the Hollywood and Plantation areas are popular destinations for many travelers, and yet it is surprising to discover just how many people opt to book rentals at the airport instead of Plantation airport car rentals.

The Cost Savings with Off-Airport Options

Though Plantation airport car rentals are not right on the grounds of the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, they are incredibly close by and easy to reach. This makes them a useful resource for anyone who might need a vehicle for a day, week, or even a month or more. They don’t have to struggle with airport traffic and yet get the same choices that most airport rental desks offer.

What’s more significant, though, is that choosing Plantation airport car rentals means less expensive rental rates. When doing side by side comparisons, many travel professionals have found a few relevant facts that all travelers should consider:

  • There are only a few car rental companies and each of them owns a long list of familiar brands, meaning that there is little difference in what they might offer
  • The higher price at airports is due to convenience, but also because of taxes collected by the airports themselves as well as tourism-related taxes
  • Many chains do not have skilled techs testing vehicles before they are put back on the road, meaning chances for breakdowns are higher with big name brand rental firms
  • There is little difference in the experience of renting a car directly at the airport and getting an off-airport rental (both require a brief trip to reach the lot, but the off-airport options have vehicles right at the service desk area, making it easier to get help if there is a problem with the car)
  • Locally owned Plantation airport car rentals can focus on a specific make of vehicle, such as Toyotas, and in that way offer well-maintained, professionally serviced, and reliably built cars. They also tend to have every type of vehicle under a single manufacturer’s umbrella – including economy cars, sedans, luxury sports models, SUVs and more
  • Going local. There are many benefits that travel and tourism, as well as big business, brings to different areas of Florida. When travelers opt to work with local companies, they are authentically supporting the local economy and not a corporation far from the region
  • Big name rental firms may not be clear about their actual rate. As an example, when you use Plantation airport car rentals that are locally owned and off-airport, you get the rental price and any taxes or extra insurance costs. There are never any surprises. When you go with an airport based firm, you face things like airport access fees, tourism fees, and more. This can boost the total cost by remarkable amounts.

While there is no reason to avoid the use of on-airport vehicle rentals, you may want to consider the many benefits of working with a Plantation or Hollywood-area rental firm.

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