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While many people use Fort Lauderdale car rentals for road trips and nights on the town, most rely on a rental car to offer cost-effective vacation transportation. Airport rentals have traditionally driven the industry, but the Miami rental car market is expanding as more customers choose to rent from nearby locations.

Whether a customer is a vacationer or a local, they can benefit from these tips designed to ensure a pain-free car rental experience.

Opt for a Weekend Rental

Rates on FL car rental are typically lower on weekends, which make it the right time to rent a car to visit Las Olas Boulevard or the Stranahan House Museum. When customers have flexibility with their rental vehicle arrangements, a weekend rental can help them enjoy a fun vacation at a lower cost.

Stay in Fort Lauderdale for a Week

There’s so much to do in Fort Lauderdale that most people can’t fit it all into one weekend. While weekend rates are real money-savers, weekly rates are typically the most favorable. With weekly rental programs, visitors can save 30% or more on the vehicle of their choice. If the visit is to last for more than five days, going for the weekly rate can help a vacationing family save substantially.

Reconsider Insurance

When a customer rents a car, they’re offered two types of insurance: a loss damage waiver and a collision damage waiver. The loss damage waiver covers losses incurred by the rental car company, while the collision damage waiver covers the customer. Both types of coverage are great ideas, but they can be redundant if a customer’s insurance policy already includes similar protections. Most insurance includes liability coverage to protect the driver if they injure another person, and policies with collision and comprehensive coverage often cover rental cars.

If you have any questions about insurance, please visit our FAQ or contact us.

Book as Early as Possible

Certain times of the year, such as spring break, are busy in Fort Lauderdale—which makes it important for customers to book their rental vehicles as early as possible. Rental rates usually depend on the number of vehicles the rental company has at the time of booking, and the sooner a customer books, the more they can save. When planning a trip to Fort Lauderdale to visit the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, book the rental car at least a week in advance for the greatest savings.

Don’t Prepay for Fuel

In most cases, rental car customers have two options where fuel is concerned: they can pay ahead of time for a full tank of gasoline and bring the vehicle back with only a partial tank or top it off immediately before returning it. Fort Lauderdale rental car companies often recommend prepaying because it’s convenient and because the low rate can help customers save, but that’s only partially accurate. While paying ahead of time does simplify the return process, and it can help hurried customers make their flights home, it’s not always practical for local renters. Unless the user plans to burn the entire tank of fuel, prepayment can lead them to pay for more gas than they use. From a purely financial standpoint, prepaying for fuel isn’t a good idea unless the driver plans to use a whole tank.

Be Wary of Upgrade Offers

Some rental car agencies offer no-cost upgrades to larger and more powerful vehicles. They do this chiefly because compact cars are often in high demand. While a free upgrade may seem like a good deal for a budget-conscious renter, it isn’t always the case.

If having a roomier, faster vehicle will enhance a user’s experience, they should accept the upgrade. But, if it won’t make a difference, it’s cost-effective to decline the offer.

As most people know, larger cars use more fuel, which makes the “free” upgrade costly in the long term.

Limit the Need for Airport Pickups

Picking up rental cars Miami airport can be convenient but, for locals, it can raise expenses due to fees and taxes. Vacationers can save by choosing a nearby location that’s not so close to the airport. According to a recent study by Travelocity, renting at an airport rental counter can cost almost 12% more than an equivalent rental at a neighborhood rental agency. When a customer rents from a non-airport location, they can save enough to enjoy more of what Fort Lauderdale has to offer.

Give the Kids a Hand With Seating Arrangements

Parents of little ones, take heed. It’s possible to save a significant amount of money by providing child safety seats rather than getting them from the car rental company. On average, companies charge roughly $10 per day for safety seat rental, which can tack a big fee onto a weeklong rental. If possible, parents should bring their children’s safety seats from home. However, if the family is renting a minivan or large SUV, some models come with integrated child safety seating at no additional cost.

There’s a lot to do in Fort Lauderdale, from sandy beaches to stately museums, which means it’s a great destination for vacationing families and singles alike. By following the tips above, visitors can enjoy a cost-effective, hassle-free, and fun auto rental experience.