Toyota Tacoma

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You might've seen the Toyota Tacoma from a pretty famous Youtube video where it literally towed a near 136,100 kg space shuttle across a highway. That single video, or commercial, left a huge impression of the Tacoma amongst the crowd and people started taking note of just how powerful can cars be.

It's little to no wonder as well. The Toyota Tacoma is built with only one objective in mind: To be a rugged workhorse, it's manufactured to work and designed to do so reliably and dependably. The ideal picture to paint in your head when someone mentions about the Tacoma, they paint the picutre of mud, dirt and gravel flying all over the place, which is all parts true about the Tacoma.

The Tacoma is configured to go off road. In fact, going off road is in the blood, or oil, of the car. It has a suspension that's ready for that sole purpose, though unnecessary, an adjustable suspension still comes into use whenever the driver needs to raise the ride height while storming across uneven terrains and lower it while cruising in the familiar urban streets. It also has a locking differential, which is crucial in any cars built to go off the road.

Going off road requires a solid brute of a heart beating in the engine bay, and that's exactly what Toyota provides. The base 2.7 liter four cylinder is more than ample for towing small loads, however, if you're going to fetch some serious load, the V6 variant will serve you well. It cruises smoothly along the highways and when required, it will pull a good amount.

While it's considered as a mid-sized pickup, it's actually closer to being a compact vehicle. That means that typical assumptions of pickup trucks doesn't really apply to the Tacoma. Toyota knows that braking is important for any car, thus, they've stepped up their efforts and offers a strong braking power for the Tacoma and with a PreRunnre suspension technology implemented in for a smooth ride over poorly conditoned roads.

While it's small, it's actually sizable on the inside, whether you go for the 4-door or 2-door. Which is surprising when you consider that some other compact pickups are absolutely cramped on the inside. And it's not exactly a horse pen either, with a stereo system fully capable of mobile connectivity and a clear and descriptive LCD screen to aid technology navigation and GPS, it's actually a nice place to be in. Thus, if you're looking for a solid workhorse that can actually pick up passengers and keep them happy, there's little to fault in the Tacoma.