Should You Use a Wilton Manors Car Rental Company or One at the Airport?

It is always best to get a car rental at the airport, right? Even if you are not arriving by plane, an airport car rental option is best…isn’t it? To the surprise of many, the answer to both questions is “No”. In fact, travel industry experts strongly urge any traveler to shop around and do a lot of math before opting for the airport rental desks.

Instead, they say travelers might fare better from smaller, local providers, such as a Hollywood or Wilton Manors car rental company in Florida.

Why a Local Option is Often Better

If you just slap up the basic rates of rental firms, it might look as if a Hollywood or Wilton Manors car rental company costs more. However, what you might never realize until standing at that rental desk and preparing to sign is that there are huge fees attached to rentals done at an airport.

The fees go beyond the basic sales taxes and optional insurances that your typical, smaller Hollywood or Wilton Manors car rental company might have to include. The added fees typically include concession fees, tourism fees, licensing fees and more. It can be almost as much as the rate, and sometimes even higher.

This is not a dilemma you will find when you rely on a Hollywood or Wilton Manors car rental company.

“Oh,” you might say, “But the off-airport firms are a hassle and the airport is easier.” That is another misunderstanding that leads to much higher costs for vehicle rentals. Just consider what happens when you book a car at the airport. You might go online and reserve the vehicle. You then get to the airport (whether by flying or simply getting dropped off by a  local taxi or transport firm) and head to the desk. Often, it is in a terminal or in an area that requires some navigation to reach. Usually, there is a line because planes full of people are coming and going at all times. You then pay for the vehicle and may have to be transported to it or make your way around a big lot to find it.

tammon / Pixabay

Is this actually easy or convenient? Not really, and it is rarely a pleasant or enjoyable endeavor. And we didn’t even mention what happens if you don’t like the type of vehicle they give you (it is rare that you can lock into the exact make and model for a rental).

On the flip side, if you book with a smaller, local Hollywood or Wilton Manors car rental company, you don’t have half of these struggles. Yes, you need to visit the rental company’s office, but it is likely that you are locked into precisely the type of vehicle you wanted. If you wanted a luxurious SUV and said you preferred a Toyota Sequoia, that is what you can expect.

You can then just drive away on normal or off-airport roads and begin your adventure, and without all of the “convenience” fees. Even if you are arriving by air, you can often get a shuttle to the front door of the Hollywood or Wilton Manors car rental company, but taxis and the famous Uber drivers are also readily available at the exit of an airport terminal. You can be there in minutes, save a lot of money, get just what you want and be on your way.

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