Rent an FR-S and Watch the Heads Turn

Rent an FR-S in Ft. LauderdaleCaliente!

At last! The ONLY FR-S in a rental fleet is here for Ft. Lauderdale auto rentals. 441 Auto Rentals has come through for you again!  Try this car out and you won’t want to give it back!

  • 2 Door
  • Seating: 4 Adults
  • Gas: 25 City / 34 Highway
  • Complimentary 24-hour roadside assistance

Only FR-S in Fort Lauderdale!

Scion, a sub-brand of Toyota, isn’t exactly well known for making sports cars, but they have broke that image by bringing out the Scion FR-S, or known as the Toyota GT86, or the Subaru BR-Z. It was a fresh new idea, completely out of the box, and with the joint venture of Subaru and Toyota, this piece of engineering achievement is born.

It’s a great idea. A compact sports coupe to tell us what driving is really about nowadays when everyone is focusing on the fastest shifting times and all that, Toyota and Subaru has instead got back to the roots. While most cars get heavier and fatter with each passing days, they have decided to stick with a simple car instead, lightweight, rear-wheel drive, little power, but a lot of fun.

Thanks to it’s featherweight minded construction, weighing in at just 2,700 pounds, it’s very nimble and fast on it’s feet. It’s not cumbersome at all, since Toyota and Subaru built the car to handle like a Porsche Cayman, it has a very direct steering and thanks to the Boxer powerplant, it’s center of gravity is very low, so it’s very stable and planted to the ground even if you throw it around a corner fast. The stability aids in driver confidence, too.

Not only that, while being able to be thrashed around corners with relative ease, it’s very drivable day-to-day. The seats a-re race-inspired, thus very firm and supportive, and the ride is unconventionally for sports car, supple. The infotainment system offers more than enough and the factory audio system doesn’t sound half bad as well.

And finally, despite it being subjective. The car’s looks are just right. It’s somewhat muscle-inspired, having the long-swooping bonnet while having a nice slope, overall contributing to it’s tantalising side profile. It’s a handsome car, and, as a bonus, everything is on the car for a reason or the other. It’s grilles and vents are all there for function, as the car is built with that playing in mind.

The FR-S does everything right. It has great cornering capabilities, you can actually live with the car, it has a sizeable boot, it looks great even sitting it’s own shoes. Speed might be sub-par, but with the handling prowess the car secretly hides, it more than just make up for it. If you’re looking for a great coupe for solely a drive, look no further.